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'Robarman, another round, please, if you would.'

Prof. Bernice Surprise Summerfield

Bernice Summerfield
21 June
St. Oscar's University
"Bernice Summerfield is a human being. And as such she is all too capable of being cruel and cowardly. And yet, while she is often caught up in violent events, she endeavours to remain a woman of peace."

Now, you may well be thinking: 'Beer? What a terrible idea. That's no solution.' I would reply that you're wrong. It's a solution of hops, barley and yeast, and it is so transcendently wonderful that I long ago made the decision to sacrifice any chance of trim thighs in favor of it.

Professor Bernice Surprise Summerfield is a 26th-century archeologist and former companion of the Doctor. An adventurer in her own right, Bernice has had to make choices that would decide the fate of the universe. She's even become worshipped, in some cultures, as a minor goddess of inebriation. She's oddly touched by that.

An orphan of the Second Dalek War, Benny's had to be quick on her feet and damned clever. When she was drafted into Spacefleet she knew she'd have to make a run for it again, so she stole an escape pod. Her lifelong love of archeology came in very handy when she faked her credentials and snuck onto dig sites. She eventually earned her MA and PhD and published several best selling books, including Down Among the Dead Men and Dead Man Running. She's even published a volume of her diaries, which she admits now was probably not the best thing to do while she was still alive. Too many embarrassing questions.

Benny was on a dig on the planet Heaven when the Hoothi attacked. That's how she met the Doctor. She ended up traveling with him for quite a few years, sometimes just the two of them and sometimes with other companions. She'd taken the Doctor up on his offer to travel in the TARDIS on the condition that he wouldn't play games with her life. It wasn't a promise he was able to keep. She still has scars on her back. She loves the Doctor with all her heart, but she promised herself that, unlike him, she'd clean up her own messes.

Bernice is pretty sure that she's 35 years old, but when you've done a lot of time traveling, it's hard to be exact. Appearance-wise she's a tall, slim, brunette, with what she would like to believe is still a very fine arse, thank you very much. Given her profession, she's had to spend a lot of time getting dirty and muddy at dig sites and in war zones, but Benny does love a nice frock. And obscenely expensive shoes that she absolutely can not afford and shouldn't be buying.

Among other things, Benny is brave, and brilliant, and incredibly clever, but she's also fallible, and insecure, and prickly. She drinks too much, and she makes some very bad decisions when it comes to lovers, but she's also one of the best people to have around in a crisis.

Oh, and she's also recently divorced and rather pissed off about the whole bloody mess.

Personal Inventory:

White button-down linen shirt
White singlet
Khaki pants
Brown leather belt
White lace bra and knickers
Brown leather boots
Brown leather shoulder bag containing:
-Her Diary
-Small torch
-University ID
-2 small bottles of scotch stolen from the minibar of a hotel in Kent


Wolsey the Cat

Odd things, people. Still, Wolsey thought that he was going to like it here. It already felt like home.


Bernice Summerfield is a character from the Doctor Who universe. She arrives on Tabula Rasa following the events of the novel The Dying Days.

As Bernice Summerfield is a fictional construct, I assure you that I am not her. This journal is strictly for use in the role playing community the_blank_slate.