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[100 sentences]

She's amazed that the relationship with Jason lasted as long as it did, but she'd hoped it would last forever. She has no idea how many people she's slept with, but it's a bit of a point of pride that many of them weren't human. Even though Bernice could have asked the Doctor to take her back to see her mother before the attack she never did. Her relationship with the Doctor was the longest and most intense of her life so it doesn't surprise her in the slightest that it ended when they shagged. She knows Wolsey won't live forever, but she never lets herself think about it.

She gave up trying to picture her mother's face years ago. It always bugged her a bit that Jason slept with so many people, but knowing why he had to do it makes her heartsick for him. The taste of beer is preferable to almost anything else in the universe, but she drinks gin because it gets her drunk faster and she doesn't want a belly. There aren't really any smart ways to die. The idea of eating animals still makes her queasy. She never actually expects anyone to love her.

The first betrayal still stings the worst. It terrifies her to realize she's older now than her mother was at the time of her death. Draconian history is fascinating to her, it's the actual Draconians that suck. Dogs require too much time and attention. She should have kept his brolly as a souvenir. Their daughter would have been named Rebecca. Part of her wanted to travel with the Doctor forever, but the cost was getting too high.

The scars on her back are whip marks. There are a lot of things she can live without but hot baths aren't one of them. Sometimes she wishes she could have an entire room filled with nothing but fabulous shoes. Her first taste of champagne was during a riot.

She can't remember how many people she's killed.

Jason was the best shag of her life. Having a penis really was a lot of fun, but being a man permanently holds no appeal. She secretly loves it when people ask her to sign her books. Military life wasn't completely awful. They would have made terrible parents but they should have had the opportunity to find that out for themselves. She never wants to stop exploring. There are few things worse than academic parties. Having a small chest isn't bad, but a tiny part of her is curious what it would feel like to have bigger tits. She's pretty sure her books are rubbish, but she doesn't care as long as they sell.

She fully expects to die a violent death.

Bernice is pretty confident that she's a crap teacher but the freedom of academia is too good to give up. Sometimes swearing in Martian is the only way to express one's true feelings. She wants to go home. She remembers most of her nightmares but pretends not to. She wonders sometimes if she should edit out some of the less flattering parts of her journals because she knows people will read them after she dies. It's possible there never was a doll.

If he's handsome, he's probably evil. Alex drives her insane, which is how she knows she loves her. Despite the risk to the time line, Benny would kill Jason's father if she had the chance. Period dress is fabulous but the corsets are ridiculous.

Every species has their own version of line dancing, which might be evidence that the universe does have a sense of humor.

Zoos depress her. If this is the afterlife, it's bloody disappointing. Loneliness is the worst. She sometimes regrets not sleeping with Watson, if only because it would have made a fantastic story. Daleks will always come back. Short hair was easier but she thinks the longer hair is a bit sexier. Ace is the bravest person she's ever met. She was attracted to Romana and hates the fact that the other woman probably knew it. Dellah was ok, except for the rain. The parties are the best part.

The Doctor is the only one she ever believed would always come back for her.

It horrifies her that people are having children on the island. She's always been an atheist. Nudity is a non-issue. Her father wasn't a traitor and she never gave up on him. Susan was always the biggest unanswered question. The dinosaurs are seriously cool. Alcohol over drugs, but she'll take what she can get. She thinks the TARDIS sang to her when she was at her weakest. It's always her overconfidence that does it. Gallifreyan robes do look ridiculous. It will never be enough. Wild flowers are always more beautiful. Red wine more than white.

She'd save everyone if she could.

There will always be a worse depravity. She assumes she's been raped, but she doesn't remember it and can't decide if that's better or worse. She's met gods before and they're never all that impressive. At least he didn't wear the celery. Ever since that incident with the Scourge, she's been a little uncomfortable around insect species and it makes her feel ashamed. She'd be chuffed if she knew she'd shagged a superhero. Handcuffs lost their kink value after about the 10th arrest. Tea just isn't the same without biscuits. Time Lords are often right, but their methods suck. It's possible she'll never find a balance.

She can't remember ever wanting to be anything other than an archeologist. It's rather freeing to not know how old she is. Even knowing what she knows now, she'd still say yes. They'll never respect her, and she can live with that as long as they keep funding her digs. She doesn't have a favorite color. Jason once played some Disney movies for her -- she cried. She was damn good at tennis but she doesn't really miss playing. The Doctor made her understand that it's ok to accept a hug when she needs it.

The glamorous world of archeology involves excavating a lot of latrines. She'll do what she has to do. The Doctor's hang-over cure is the only one that really works -- if only he'd let her have it. Ice Warriors are endlessly fascinating. The foster families were probably lovely people but she couldn't stay. While bailing out of the troop ship there was a moment when she was afraid her father would be ashamed of her.

There are worse ways to pass the time than an orgy between friends.

Neatness is a symptom of insanity. There was actually a time when the idea of living forever seemed appealing. Fine dining is never a bad choice. She wants to be wooed but wishes she didn't. There is something incredibly magical about finding priceless treasures buried under millennia of dust. No matter how many episodes she watches, Bernice will never understand the lasting cultural appeal of The Three Stooges.



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Mar. 4th, 2009 04:07 am (UTC)
They would have made terrible parents but they should have had the opportunity to find that out for themselves.

Oh, Benny.

It's possible there never was a doll.

Mar. 4th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
Do you know how much I love you that you actually KNOW WHAT SHE'S TALKING ABOUT with respect to the second one?! EEEEEE!
Mar. 6th, 2009 12:38 pm (UTC)
These are all really interesting.
Mar. 6th, 2009 03:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you! (I think.)
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